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Rogers Assists X-Ray Machine Manufacturer with Delicate Product Component

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Inside an X-ray flat panel detector is a fragile thin-film-transistor (TFT) glass component. An essential part of the equipment, the component serves the purpose of improving imaging quality by producing a more accurate and sensitive digital representation of the x-ray image. Due to its delicate properties, the glass requires protection with a material that has sufficient shock absorption properties. The material must be able to cushion against the movement of a body onto the panel of the machine and, since the x ray machine is portable, the material must also be able to mitigate against the glass being damaged should the machine be dropped accidentally. A previous material used in the machine for these purposes was a low grade polyurethane foam that did not possess the necessary level of absorption performance desired by the manufacturer.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers’ PORON® 79RL-20012 was the ideal polyurethane material for the application. Unlike the material previously used, PORON® material had the necessary shock absorption and impact protection properties sought by the manufacturer of the machine. Known for its long-term durability and reliable performance, the manufacturer could rest assured that the protection PORON® foam to the x-ray machine would last for the lifetime of the device.


PORON® 79RL-20012 polyurethane is currently present in each x-ray flat panel detector, protecting the equipment’s TFT glass from the repercussions of any sources of force or impact. Upholding the manufacturer’s reputation for producing a highly-reliable product, Rogers’ PORON® polyurethane material combines exemplary performance with long-term reliability, and aids medical professionals in delivering the best possible care.

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