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Rogers Collaborates with Automotive Manufacturers to Provide a Quieter Ride


Rogers PORON® 4701-40 Polyurethane Foams Solve Fuel Tank Vibration and Noise Problems

Customer Problem

Two of the automotive industry’s largest manufacturers approached Rogers to eliminate a noise and vibration issue that arose when the fuel tank vibrated against other components of the automobile. The high compression set of the old materials caused gaps between the fuel tank, which has a non-linear shape, and the other flatter surface components of the car. Also, one of the manufacturers who was using a vinyl nitrate gap filler experienced melting of the material onto the fuel tank, creating a potential safety hazard.

The Rogers Solution: PORON® Polyurethane Foams

The automotive solution required a material with excellent compression force deflection (see illustration) to apply enough force to fill the uneven gap between the fuel tank and its surrounding components as well as provide a low compression-set resistance to ensure a long lasting seal.

Rogers’ PORON® 40 formulation foams not only filled the gap and provided a long lasting seal that dampened the vibration and prevented noise, its temperature resistance allowed it to hold up in varying weather conditions. Automotive designers sometimes initially select lesser, cheaper gasketing products but after thorough testing, found that Rogers’ products last longer and perform more reliably in extreme temperatures.


In the fuel tank application, PORON® 40 formulation polyurethane foams maintained a temperature resistant seal, completely filling the uneven gap between the fuel tank and other components and eliminating the noise caused by the vibrating components coming into contact with each other. This allowed the two automotive manufacturers to provide the reliable, safe, and quiet ride their customers expect from their vehicles. In addition, both companies saved money for their automobile owners by providing long lasting protection and unnecessary recalls stemming from a product that could melt onto the fuel tank.

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