CLTE laminates have proven excellent dimensional stability and low planar CTE, providing consistent performance for embedded resistors: among the lowest variance available for PTFE-based laminates. CLTE laminates have a long history of use with Resistor Foil and are available with a full range of other cladding types (including electrodeposited, reverse treated copper, rolled copper foil or more). CLTE laminates’ tried and tested performance continues to make them a top choice for a wide range of ground-based and airborne communications and radar systems.


  • Low thermal expansion in X, Y and Z of 10, 12 and 34 ppm/°C
  • Dielectric constant stability with temperature change
  • Available as a reliable and consistent thin laminate (.0003”)
  • Available with heavy metal backing (aluminum, brass and copper)


  • High plated through hole reliability
  • Reduced stress attachment to ceramic active devices
  • Supports complex multi-layer boards
  • Reliably designed with embedded resistor networks


Description Language File Type File Size
Data Sheet
CLTE and CLTE-XT Laminates Data Sheet English
Fabrication Information
Quick Reference Processing Guidelines CLTE Series Laminates English
Fabrication Guidelines CLTE Series Laminates English
CLTE系列高频材料加工指南 中文
CLTE系列高频材料加工指南快速参照表 中文
CLTE Series Laminates - PSIS English


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