CU4000 foil is a high performance, single side treated electrodeposited copper foil with an increased mechanical bonding area designed to provide high peel strength on RO4400™ Series prepregs. All CU4000 LoPro foil is reverse treated electrodeposited copper foil. This uses a thin adhesive layer to promote increased bond of smooth copper to dielectric layers, with low conductor loss for reduced insertion loss at higher frequencies. The CU4000 and CU4000 LoPro foils enable simplified registration and reduced fill requirements for prepreg layers when used in foil lamination MLB constructions.


  • IPC-4562 Grade 3, high temperature elongation copper foil
  • Superior adhesion to RO4400 Series prepregs


  • Enables foil lamination of RO4000® Series MLB’s
  • Reduces prepreg fill requirements
  • Simplifies MLB registration
  • Enables HDI and build-up technology


Description Language File Type File Size
Data Sheet
CU4000™ and CU4000 LoPro® Datasheet English
CU4000 and CU4000 LoPro 数据资料表 中文


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