TMM 10i microwave material has an isotropic dielectric constant (Dk). Like the other TMM® series materials, TMM 10i combines many of the desirable features of ceramic and PTFE substrates, with the ease of soft substrate processing techniques.


  • Dk of 9.80 +/- .245
  • Dissipation factor of .0020 at 10GHz
  • Thermal coefficient of Dk of -43 ppm/°K
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion matched to copper
  • Available in a thickness range of .0015 to .500 inches +/- .0015”


  • Mechanical properties resist creep and cold flow
  • Resistant to process chemicals, reducing damage during fabrication
  • Material does not require a sodium napthanate treatment prior to electroless plating
  • Based on a thermoset resin, allowing for reliable wire-bonding



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