Assisted driving features rely on a suite of sensors, such as radar, camera and LIDAR to improve the safety and comfort of the driving experience. For automotive radar applications, Rogers' RF laminates are widely used for PCB-based radar antennas due to our proven stable and reliable RF performance. Rogers' specialty foams provide sealing and vibration protection for all sensor types.

RF Antenna Materials for Automotive Radar Sensors

Rogers’ portfolio of RF laminates and bondplys enable designers to optimize RF performance and cost for front, corner and in-cabin radar antenna designs.

  • RO3003G2™ laminates feature best-in-class insertion loss and extremely stable dielectric constant for high performance auto radar PCB antennas.
  • RO4830™ laminates provide consistent electrical performance and the lowest total material and PCB fabrication costs.
  • CLTE-MW™ laminates offer similar performance to RO3003G2 laminates, incorporating woven glass fabric, and additional dielectric thickness options.
  • Inner layers and bondplys for multi-RF layer auto radar antenna designs
    • RO4835™ LoPro® and RO4835T™ laminates
    • RO4400™/RO4400T™ series bondply and SpeedWave® 300P prepreg

Sealing and Vibration Protection for All Automotive Sensors

Rogers offers a comprehensive portfolio of material solutions that solve sensor sealing and vibration design challenges.

  • PORON® polyurethane and BISCO® silicone materials offer great compression set resistance, ensuring a tight seal is maintained throughout the life of the vehicle.
  • BISCO® silicones exhibit excellent sealing performance with providing resistance to UV, ozone and extreme temperatures.
  • PORON® polyurethanes deliver reliable vibration dampening for sensor units, as well as noise reduction.

Related Products

BISCO® Silicones

The BISCO® product line is the world leader in silicone foams used for gasketing and sealing applications.

CLTE-MW™ Laminates

Rogers CLTE-MW laminates are ceramic filled, woven glass reinforced PTFE composites for 5G and other millimeter wave applications.

PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes

Rogers line of PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes provide durable, long-term performance in industrial applications.

RO3003G2™ Laminates

Rogers RO3003G2 high-frequency, ceramic-filled PTFE laminates are an extension of Rogers’ industry leading RO3003™ solutions. RO3003G2 laminates are based on industry feedback to specially address the next generation needs for millimeter wave automotive radar applications.

RO4400™/RO4400T™ Series Bondply

Rogers RO4400 series bondply consists of high frequency thermoset prepreg comprised of grades based on the RO4000® series core materials.

RO4830™ Laminates

Rogers RO4830 high frequency laminates are thermoset materials that serve as a reliable, lower cost alternative to conventional PTFE based laminates.

RO4835™ Laminates

Rogers RO4835 laminates offer high stability at elevated temperatures and significant oxidation resistance.

SpeedWave® 300P Prepreg

SpeedWave® 300P prepreg is a low dielectric constant, ultra-low loss resin material system that can be used to bond a variety of Rogers’ laminates

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