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Job hunting is no easy feat. Candidates who have uploaded their resumes into online applications (and then re-typed everything from their resume into individual text fields in that same application) can agree, it takes patience and perseverance to survive the job hunting process. But when the right candidate, right position and right company align, it is a wonderful partnership for all parties involved.

Calling All Job Hunters

This type of alignment takes work. Candidates and HR teams do a lot of the heavy lifting. As a company, our job is to give candidates an understanding of our overall culture and help them determine what it is like to work here and if it will be a good fit.

At Rogers Corporation, we have seven Cultural Behaviors that outline our core beliefs and connect employees to each other and to our organizational goals. It is a unique culture, no doubt. Established in 1832 as a paper mill factory, Rogers Corporation has grown into an advanced materials technology company through a long history of innovation leadership. We seek innovators in all positions, not just research and development. We know that innovation isn’t limited to products, so we foster a culture where employee input and speaking openly is encouraged.

That passion for innovation is also why we hold leadership positions in the markets we serve. With applications in markets from Aerospace and Automotive to Wired and Wireless Infrastructures, Rogers’ materials enable products that make an impact in the way we live. Our partnerships with academic institutions and industry leaders help develop new to the world technologies: think the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, and 5G communications networks. Rogers’ standing in these high-growth markets gives us great confidence in our continued growth and success.

In addition to our longevity as a company, there is also a trend of longevity in our workforce. Nearly half of our employees have been at Rogers for 10 years or longer. It’s a great place to build a fulfilling career by helping power, protect and connect our world.

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Corporate Culture

Published on May 31, 2018

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