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Rogers has cultivated an internship program that enriches the traditional classroom learning of young adults by offering invaluable experience in an industry leading corporation. Interns can work in various departments including: Communications, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Quality Engineering and more.

In their respective departments, the 2019 summer interns have participated in a wide variety of projects and initiatives. Their assignments helped them develop their skillsets beyond the classroom through unique challenges and opportunities to present their ideas and engage in a real-world work environment.

Let’s look at testimonials from several of our summer interns from across Rogers’ locations. What stands out most to us is that these interns truly gain an enriched experience through not only work experience, but also colleague mentorship.

Chandler, Arizona:

Alena Valenzuela is the Corporate Communications Intern, entering her senior year studying Marketing and International Business at Dominican University in Chicago, IL.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work on many high level projects and received the responsibility to manage several key communications initiatives, including developing and executing the 2019 Corporate Communications Survey and the 2019 “I am Rogers” Poster campaign. I’ve assisted in managing content for the company intranet, including news stories and poll questions, and have supported the external website redesign. The best part of my internship is getting to work alongside a talented and experienced team that trusts and supports my work. I truly feel I can share my ideas, ask my questions and learn from every project in this position.”

Rogers Interns 1

Joseph Gardner is the Income Tax Intern, entering the Masters of Taxation program at Arizona State University where he previously earned his Bachelor degree in Accounting.

“The best thing about being an Intern at Rogers is being able to ask questions and get answers, providing the opportunity to learn more than I ever have before. Having had the opportunity to work on several projects relating to the company’s upcoming tax provision, every time I had a question I would write it down and ask my fellow coworkers. I learn so much from them because of their willingness to take the time to explain complex tax concepts to my understanding. Rogers Corporation truly does foster an environment of learning for their interns.

Narragansett, Rhode Island:

Hal Jones is the Process Engineering Intern, entering his junior year studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Rhode Island.

Rogers Interns 2

“I’m assisting in improving yield for a product that experiences a difference in thickness during production, causing a visual deformation. I’ve also been creating Standard Operating Procedures for the slitting products. I would say the best part so far has been the people and their advice. Going into my junior year of college, I’m eager to hear all the life advice I can, and everyone here is more than willing to let me know what their road to Rogers was and relay what worked and what didn’t through their past careers.”

Carol Stream, Illinois:

Payton Rehling is the Process Engineering Intern, entering the Masters of Business Administration program to receive her MBA in Business Analytics from the University of Alabama where he previously earned her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.

“My main project for the summer is working on improving the [Diversified Silicone Products] DSP throughput. I’m currently focusing on the Calender changeover process and how it can be improved. Overall I’ve enjoyed my time at Rogers and I’ve really learned a lot about how our DSP products are made. My favorite part of the internship is working with the other engineers and my mentor, Kara Hughes, on different projects. I learn the most when working together and I believe that it also produces the best results.”

Darby Lang is the Quality Control Engineering Intern, entering his senior year studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alabama.

Rogers Interns 3

“This summer I have primarily focused on defining specifications and gathering data from running Peel Tests. We previously had little benchmark data of our adhesive strength and were challenged to determine why there was a fairly wide variance in peel strength among our material. As we gather more data, the picture becomes a little clearer. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the overall culture and attitude of the company. Questions are encouraged and everyone tries to make sure you understand the “what” and “why” of a task to help you learn along the way.”

Woodstock, Connecticut:

Lucas Rodriguez is the Quality Assurance Engineering Intern, entering his junior year studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Rhode Island.

Rogers Interns 4

“My projects involve preparing a restricted substances list for PORON® polyurethanes as a tool to help the QA team answer customer requests about what chemicals may be in our foam. This helps to speed up the process of attending to customers’ requests, needed in order to be able to satisfy reporting requirements such as Proposition 65. I have also been assigned projects for other locations such as Moosup, Connecticut and Narragansett, Rhode Island. The best part of my internship has been my exposure to an engineering work environment that fosters a supportive company culture.”

Rogers, Connecticut:

Peyton Fleming is the Research and Development Intern, entering her senior year studying Chemical Engineering at UCONN.

Rogers Interns 5

“This summer I am working on making a tacky polyurethane layer for our existing product, PORON AquaPro. I am getting a lot of hands-on experience in the labs which has been super exciting. Collecting that much data has also given me the opportunity to do some in-depth analysis, which has been a great learning experience. One thing I learned during my internship is that you cannot rule out any possibility. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed our intern luncheons where I’ve got to talk to other interns and other engineers here at Rogers!”

Thank you to our 2019 summer interns for their hard work, commitment to learning and assistance in growing Rogers. We wish them every success in the next chapter of their careers. Learn how you can join the Rogers team.

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Published on Aug 19, 2019

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