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At Rogers Germany, our apprenticeship and educational pathway program assists young adults in building their skills portfolio and navigating the job search process. Through this program, Rogers offers the chance to develop and refine skills in a practical workplace setting, supporting young adults as they enter the workforce.

As part of our dedication to enhancing skills and fostering growth, our Germany team participates in outreach efforts to connect with students and young adults looking for professional opportunities. Rogers Germany works closely with the regional offices of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Worldskills Germany (an organization that fosters adolescents’ development and enhances their skills through workshops, mentorships, programs and competitions across the globe). For example, Rogers HR manager Mrs. Anette Enders participated in panel discussions during the education fair didacta Cologne, which hosts Worldskills Germany. The topics included designing apprenticeships and the partnership between the German industry / economy and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Other topics included talent management, promotion of qualified personnel and commitment to professional contests. These organizations enable Rogers to meet some of the top ranked talent at Worldskills competitions and recruit potential candidates at career seminars, industry events and open houses.

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Rogers Germany also organizes and participates in several other events to inform adolescents and parents about opportunities and career prospects within an international corporation. For example, in February, Rogers apprentices Theresa Kennel (Industrial Clerk Apprentice) and Johannes Neukam (Mechatronic Apprentice) visited a local school and participated as speakers in a career seminar along with other representatives from banks, vocational schools and other firms. In this seminar, curious students of the pre-graduation classes learned more about several different apprenticeships and educational pathways. Our apprentices showcased Rogers curamik® products in a live demonstration and played a video of Rogers production processes. They also pointed out the individual apprenticeship opportunities.

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With practical experience and application of skills at the forefront of Rogers’ apprenticeship opportunities, we continue to contribute to the cultivation of talented personnel and the development of the next generation of the workforce. After completing their apprenticeships, 75% of the apprentices remain with Rogers Germany and 10% continue their education before returning back to Rogers. Rogers apprentices enjoy an excellent education and in recent years, our apprentices placed among the top two or three positions at Worldskills Germany (German Championship of young professionals) and qualified several times for Euroskills (European Championship).

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These efforts to empower students and young adults who are new to the workforce occur not only in Germany, but across all Rogers’ locations. We continue to refine our hiring practices and learning opportunities to nurture the next generation of employees, diligently seeking the best talent in the industry to join the Rogers team. Take a look at current opportunities and apply to join the Rogers Corporation team today.

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Published on Jun 26, 2019

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