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Rogers Corporation has long been committed to driving positive changes not only within our business, but also in the world around us. This year, with the future of our business and planet in mind, Rogers released our first ever Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

It is Rogers’ commitment to achieve “Results, but Results the Right Way.” This ethical foundation was demonstrated early in our history when our founder’s son, Henry Rogers, developed a unique process to remove dye from paper, enabling it to be recycled. Today, our advanced materials enable the world’s most cutting-edge green industries and advance the growth of the low-carbon economy around the world.

Today, Rogers is a publicly traded, global corporation that empowers the world’s leading innovators to achieve greater performance and reliability. Our advanced materials are found in leading-edge technologies that improve lives, protect our environment and fuel our future.

Rogers’ inaugural ESG report highlights our efforts to ensure we operate with the utmost responsibility within three key focus areas: Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance.

Environmental Protection

From the industries we enable to the processes we implement, Rogers demonstrates a high standard of environmental commitment. Our products enable key low-carbon applications, including electric and hybrid electric vehicles that reduce CO₂ emissions; advanced driver assistance systems that improve automotive safety and enable autonomous vehicles; renewable energy applications that deliver clean energy solutions; and medical applications that improve equipment reliability and protect the health of our frontline workers.

Our products are sustainable by design and have a reputation for reliability and durability. All Rogers products meet rigorous design standards to ensure the longevity of materials on the market. Internally, we place the same rigorous sustainability standards on operations as we do on engineered materials. We have demonstrated a commitment to managing corporate environmental impacts on carbon emissions, water quality, generated waste and use of raw materials.

Social Responsibility

People are the heart of all our operations. Our ESG report brings attention to Rogers’ ongoing efforts to promote the wellbeing of employees, customers and stakeholders who engage with us daily.

At all levels, Rogers actively promotes a culture where our highest priority is to “Live Safely.” Every employee, regardless of role, takes part in safety initiatives to eliminate workplace injuries. In 2020, 100% of global employees participated in safety initiatives to ensure the personal safety of our workforce.

We believe that how business is conducted is just as important as what is accomplished. Rogers demonstrates a company-wide dedication to making ethically sound choices, rather than choosing what is simply easy or expedient. Our Code of Business Ethics is a guiding document used as a benchmark for our organization.

Furthermore, the report outlines employee support as a pillar of our social responsibility. Our Cultural Behaviors guide our interactions and connect our day-to-day work with our organizational objectives. By supporting employees’ professional development, providing workplace benefits and highlighting employee achievements, we empower our employees to make innovative decisions and drive results.

Rogers has a long history of enabling and supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce. The ESG report showcases efforts to build upon this foundation and encourage the growth and support of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives companywide. The report documents our creation of a D&I Council, which exemplifies Rogers’ adoption of standards set by the Centre for Global Inclusion, also known as Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB).

Finally, Rogers supports employee commitment to worthy causes close to home. The report highlights charitable initiatives that showcase our culture of responsibility to local communities around the world.

Corporate Governance

As a public company, Rogers understands the importance of maintaining an independent, transparent and responsive governance structure to best serve our shareholders. Rogers actively engages its shareholders and encourages shareholder feedback, which is shared with our Board of Directors.

The ESG report details Rogers leading efforts in Corporate Risk Management and alignment with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards.

To continue learning about Rogers’ environmental, social and governance commitments, download the full ESG Report.

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Published on Aug 18, 2021

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