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In October of 2020, we outlined our renewed commitment to Mental Wellness at Rogers Corporation with the following goals:

  • Help minimize the stigma related to asking for help in many spaces, particularly mental wellness.
  • Increase accessibility and awareness of mental wellness benefits.
  • Provide employees tools to avoid burnout before it occurs.

The mental wellbeing of our employees is a top priority at Rogers Corporation. We proudly offer Employee Assistance Resources, which include resources for well-being, family, career, lifestyle, legal and financial support. To further support employees, we began providing additional health and wellness tips through our company intranet on a newly developed webpage dedicated to the topic.

However, one of the most impactful actions taken since announcing our renewed focus has been simply providing employees a forum to share their personal mental wellness experiences. In November of 2020, Rogers launched an internal story series titled Mental Wellness Monday. Here, employees voluntarily highlight how they have successfully managed their own mental health when facing a variety of stressors. Techniques range from self-care tips, positive self-talk, physical activities and seeking various therapies through our Employee Assistance Programs. This series of stories has resulted in openly sharing great tips and simultaneously allowing us to address all three of our goals: decreasing the stigma on such an important topic, increasing accessibility to Rogers mental wellness benefits and avoiding burnout before it occurs.

Although the pandemic has presented many challenges, it has invigorated the conversation around mental wellness in a very positive manner. As vaccinations ramp up and we return to a new normal, this openness and focus on mental health awareness is something we will continue to foster. We hope that the tips and tricks shared internally by and for our employees will lay the foundation for a future of overall improved mental wellness.

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Published on Jun 16, 2021

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