Designing for Thermal Management

Jul 10, 2019 | Rogers Corporation

In our first blog in this series, we explored thermal conductivity and its measurement techniques and explained why your thermal interface material may not be as conductive as you think if you are relying on vendor data sheets. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at two other measures used in evaluating thermal interface materials (TIM).

General Industrial, Thermal Management

Why Your Thermal Interface Material May Not Be as Conductive as You Think: Exploring Thermal Conductivity & Measurement Techniques

Mar 14, 2019 | Rogers Corporation

If you’re an electronics designer or assembler addressing thermal management issues, safety is likely your number one concern. When selecting a thermal interface material (TIM) to dissipate heat, you probably started by comparing the thermal conductivity (K) of your options. But did you know that manufacturers’ advertised values of thermal conductivity can be widely inaccurate?

General Industrial, Thermal Management