ARLON has a long history of manufacturing best-in-class silicone flexible heater dielectric substrates for use in industries such as semi-conductor, food storage and processing, medical, oil and gas and various industrial applications. Our flexible heater substrates have earned the reputation for reliable operation and long life in both wire bound and etched foil heater applications. Building on our knowledge of flexible heaters, ARLON thermal insulation sponge is formulated from two of ARLON’s best-in-class flexible heater compounds.

  • ARLON C9 Sponge (UL Listed) is formulated using the ARLON 27 flexible dielectric compound and offers the highest thermal stability for the most demanding flexible heater applications
  • ARLON D5 Sponge is formulated using the ARLON 10 flexible heater compound and offers good performance, benefiting from the inherent performance of silicone


  • ASTM D1056 2D3 (medium grade) compliant
  • UL 94 HB, 150C RTI (ARLON C9)
  • Wide operating range temperature from -70 °F to 428 °F
  • High thermal insulation
  • Low outgassing of TML <1%
  • Fine fabric surface finish


  • Designed specifically for thermal insulation in flexible heater applications
  • Best-in-class, long term thermal stability ensures long life and reliable operation
  • Excellent bonding to dielectric substrates without the need of adhesives
  • Low outgassing reduces contamination into the environment and sensitive equipment



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