ARLON thermal interface materials are the product of over 60 years of silicone manufacturing knowledge and includes Protect® silicone thermal transfer insulator pads, Secure® adhesive films and Thermabond® electronic adhesives. These materials deliver a specific set of thermal, physical and electrical properties and are designed for long-term reliability and high performance.

Protect insulators are cured silicone rubber sheets designed for insulation in LED and power applications. Protect insulators are available in two constructions:

  • Protect® 1500FG
  • Protect® 1500KT2


  • UL listed, Flame rating of UL94 V-0
  • Relative thermal index (RTI) of 150°C for both mechanical and electrical
  • RoHS compliant and free of halogen flame retardants


  • Offer long-term reliability
  • Resist heat, humidity and shock
  • Conform to surface topography to maximize contact area at low fastener pressures
  • Provide even heat transfer, which reduces hot spots
  • Isolates LED PCB or power transistor from heat sink

Secure adhesive films are silicone polymer composites developed to bond directly to substrates in LED and power applications. Available in 4 constructions:

  • Secure® 1500FG fiberglass reinforced adhesive film
  • Secure® 1500KT2 polyimide (25 micron) reinforced adhesive film
  • Secure® 1500U unreinforced adhesive film
  • Secure® 1600XF fiberglass reinforced hybrid adhesive film


  • Forms chemical bonds with the substrate during curing cycle
  • UL listed (EL54153)
  • Flame rating of UL94 V-0
  • Relative thermal index (RTI) of 150°C
  • RoHS compliant and free of halogen flame retardants


  • Offers long-term reliability under extreme environmental conditions
  • Boasts robust adhesion that is resistant to heat, humidity and shock
  • Direct bond eliminates need for mechanical fasteners and related problems
  • Isolates the electrical component from heat sink

Thermabond electronic adhesives are composed of elastomeric materials that provide thermal-mechanical stress decoupling and heat transfer within printed circuit boards used in aerospace and automotive applications. Thermabond is available in a wide range of products.


  • Thermal conductivity up to 3W/mK to transport heat away from hot spots
  • Low modulus and high shear strength prevent adhesive delamination
  • Cure parameters as low as 100°C at 100 kPa


  • Successfully bonds to a broad variety of surfaces
  • Prevents stress build-up created by CTE mismatch by allowing adjoining components to move freely
  • Performs in demanding environments under exposure to extreme temperatures and vibration
  • Fully tested and certified for space flight applications



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