Our curamik CoolPower and curamik CoolPower Plus are high performance copper coolers for high power electronics. These can be used in high-performance electronics, high brightness LED and solar-cell arrays.

curamik CoolPower Features

  • Several layers of pure copper create three-dimensional structures for cooling
  • Hermetically sealed during curamik bonding process

curamik CoolPower Plus Features - Including the curamik CoolPower Features listed above

  • Integrated Direct Bond Copper (DBC) coolers with Al2O3 or AlN ceramic substrates

curamik CoolPower Benefits

  • curamik bonding process avoids the need for any additional soldering or adhesive layers that negatively impact thermal resistance
  • More efficient cooling than traditional module structures with liquid cooling

curamik CoolPower Plus Benefits – Including the curamik CoolPower Benefits listed above

  • DBC substrate-layers enable direct assembly (chip on board)
  • DBC substrate-layers provide electrical insulation from cooling circuit


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