As the electrification of all types of vehicles continues, thermal propagation management for battery manufacturers and battery end users remains an important industry topic. The safety of consumers is paramount to these industries. Rogers Corporation develops materials that help designers maximize safety without sacrificing battery performance.

Elastomeric Thermal Barrier

Rogers materials successfully combine multiple functionalities of vibration management, gap filling and ideal curve behavior with thermal runaway protection all in one, non-composite solution. ProCell™ EV Firewall 300 series are elastomeric silicone materials capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures by using a multiple-step mechanism approach to dissipate heat and retard the propagation of open flame within the material. This series acts as an effective battery pad, making it an excellent choice for cell-to-cell thermal propagation protection as well as reliable pressure management system within a variety of battery cell formats, including pouch and prismatic.

Heat Spreading Tape

ProCell™ EV Firewall 800 series is a multi-layer laminate that works by spreading heat on one side of the laminate and insulating the other side. This material successfully blocks the transmission of particulates that may be present when a battery cell fails. The ProCell EV Firewall 800 series can be used alone or easily laminated to PORON® polyurethanes to combine heat spreading performance with gap filling functionality or ideal curve attributes.

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