AD255C laminates combine the superior thermal properties of a fluoropolymer resin system with selected ceramic materials and fiberglass reinforcement to yield a RF laminate material with lower loss, lower thermal expansion properties and lower passive intermodulation (PIM). Stability of PTFE over wide frequency and temperature ranges, with low loss properties, makes AD255C laminates ideal for a variety of microwave and RF applications in telecommunication infrastructure.


  • Very low loss PTFE and ceramic filled composite
  • .0014 loss tangent at 10GHz and base station frequencies
  • Dielectric constant of 2.55 with tight tolerance
  • Low profile copper
  • Low Z-direction CTE (50 ppm/°C)
  • Larger panel sizes available


  • Lower insertion loss
  • Low PIM for antenna applications
  • Phase stability due to excellent TCEr
  • Compatible with the processing used for standard PTFE based PCB substrates



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