ROLINX CapLink Solutions are the latest additions to the ROLINX busbar family. These solutions integrate capacitors with ROLINX laminated busbars to produce assemblies with extremely low inductance and high power density in a small, lightweight system. ROLINX CapLink Solutions leverage a unique soldering process to mount the capacitor to the busbar. These solutions can be used in critical DC link applications for automotive EV/HEV powertrains, solar and wind inverters and industrial drives.


  • Unique soldering process mounts capacitors to the ROLINX laminated busbars
  • Produces small, lightweight assemblies with very low inductance and high power density
  • Supports SiC technology; allows power modules to operate at higher switching frequencies, increased voltages and higher temperatures with minimum power losses.
  • Developed for critical DC link applications for automotive EV/HEV powertrains and solar and wind inverters


  • High reliability and long useful life
  • Able to handle higher ripple currents
  • Low ESL and ESR
  • Highly integrated busbar design
  • Compact design with low building height and weight


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