Technical Education Webinar

Understanding What Can Affect PCB Dk Variation and Phase Consistency

Presented by: John Coonrod, Technical Marketing Manager

This webinar will give an overview of how circuit materials and circuit fabrication can impact the phase consistency and the circuit-perceived dielectric constant (Dk). Many of the newer millimeter-wave applications are much more sensitive to phase variation than some microwave applications. The circuit-perceived Dk is what Rogers Corporation designates as Design Dk. The Design Dk is basically a Dk value of the material, which is generated by an extraction process based on RF circuit performance.

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Autonomous Driving Design Technology

Circuit Material Design Guide for mmWave Radar Applications

mmWave applications are expanding rapidly in many commercial markets such as automotive radar, for vehicle autonomy and advanced safety systems. Yole Développement estimates the automotive radar market alone will reach US$8.6 billion by 2025, at a 2015 CAGR of 15.6 percent. There are many other mmWave applications such as body scanners, satellite communications and material properties/defect measurements that are also expanding. But designing mmWave circuits is far more challenging than traditional RF circuits as design parameters are much more sensitive at these higher frequencies.

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