ROLINX Hybrid is Rogers one-piece busbar solution that combines power and signal lines within a single structure. ROLINX Hybrid solves a common problem faced by battery module manufacturers, who must connect all battery cells for power distribution with separate copper or aluminum conductors, then add cables or separate PCBs for sensing. Our ROLINX Hybrid features integrated connectors and surface mount components to plug into the battery module and connect to the battery management system. This integration saves time and simplifies the supply chain. ROLINX Hybrid may be used in EV/HEV, energy recuperation, energy storage and clean energy applications.


  • Single unit that combines power and signal lines
  • Features integrated connectors and surface mount components that plug into battery module and connect to battery management system
  • Carries voltage up to 0.8 kV AC
  • Power up to 100 kW
  • Temperature range of -50°C to +105°C
  • Relative humidity of 55°C/95% RH


  • Helps eliminate wiring errors
  • Reduces assembly time
  • Simplifies the supply chain with a one-piece solution
  • Offers proven and reliable technology
  • Suitable for prismatic and cylindrical battery cells



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