RO4830 thermoset laminates are well suited for price-sensitive millimeter wave applications, such as 76-81 GHz automotive radar sensors. RO4830 laminates can be fabricated using standard FR-4 processes and are intended for the cap layer on FR-4 multi-layer board designs commonly used in 76-81 GHz automotive radar sensor PCB applications.


  • Dielectric constant of 3.24
  • Excellent insertion loss of 2.2 db/in at 77 GHz
  • UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating
  • Optimized filler, resin & glass composite system
  • Reverse treated smooth LoPro® copper foil


  • Significantly resistant to oxidation
  • Good laser drilling performance & consistent within sheet dielectric constant
  • Reduced overall cost of PCB manufacturing versus PTFE laminate options
  • Ideal for use in automotive radar sensor PCB applications



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